Amazing things you need to know about NFT gaming

Nowadays, people are just playing games for fun. The connection between games and blockchain technology has taken some video games to go beyond having fun. Now, blockchain technology is adding some cryptocurrencies to be a reward for playing games. However, not all video games are play-to-earn games. But there are countless of them that one can play and get bonuses that can be exchanged for goods like food, clothes and even money. So, of all the play-to-earn games, NFT gaming rewards players who keep their rules and play according to their rules. 

Therefore, let me start by asking if you’ve heard about nft gaming? Do you even know that this game is a play-to-earn game? If you’re familiar with it, then I need to congratulate you. And if you’re just hearing about it, I will also congratulate you because you will get to know facts about nft gaming. Without wasting time, let us dive into what nft gaming entails. 

What is nft gaming?

This play-to-earn game is a crypto-based imaginary football game with blasted popularity of being both credibly amusing and rewarding in one place. It was established by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort in 2018. The milestone of this unique game can extensively increase its content to bring players with approved football players from two hundred and twenty-seven teams. I mean teams like Arsenal, Manchester City and Barcelona. The gameplay of this unique game is straightforward as a classic football match from the actual performances of players in tournaments that are real. As a player, one can be a manager. And your duty as a manager is to draft players. So, their performances on the pitch every week are the main focus to win this game and earn some points. Your primary focus as a player is to amass the significant issues on the scoreboard every week to win remarkable, exciting rewards. You will get Ethereum and epic player cards if you play this game very well.

NFT gaming as play-to-earn games a non-fungible token imaginary game created by football lovers. They made this game for themselves. The creation of this unique game is to unite people’s interest in football and non-fungible token innovation into an imaginary game.

The partnership of this unique game is deemed to be one of the most incredible partnerships in French’s technology history. The reason is that the Company they partnered with realized over one billion dollars from top-tier investors. Two hundred twenty-seven football teams and thirty-nine football leagues from across the globe agreed to sign a license with nft gaming. Also, this unique game is fully supported by great players in football history. Players like Rio Ferdinand, Gerard Pique and many more have a stake in this game. 

Amazing things you need to know about NFT gaming

Cards in nft gaming

Players’ cards in this unique game are in-game non-fungible token assets. There are four types of cards; one can know them by their colours. The first one is the black card known as unique in nft gaming. This black card can be minted only one card by one player. This particular card can be traded. So, that makes it to be every player’s priority. I hope you’re seeing how nft gaming is a play-to-earn game. Then, the second card is called the super rare. This super rare card is blue. The difference between this card and the black card is that it minted up to ten cards per player. Also the third card is called the rare card. You should know that it’s a rare card when you see a red card. This card can be minted up to one hundred cards per player. Then, the last card is the limited card. The limited card is a yellow card that can be minted up to one thousand cards per player. 

Therefore, please note that all the above-listed cards can be obtained in several ways. If you win a match, you can acquire any of these cards. Also, if you achieve a specific mission, you have the chance of obtaining this card. Of course, it is expedient for you to know that all cards start with level zero. If the football player performs excellently, there will be an increase in the level of cards, and this can prompt you to sell those cards in the marketplace. Honestly, this play-to-earn game has blessed several people’s life.

Amazing things you need to know about NFT gaming

Team composition

It is expedient for you to know how to compose a team in this unique game. This play-to-earn game requires organizing a team if you want to be relevant in the game. So, the question now is what to do and how to compose a team in this unique game. As a starter, the first step you need to take is to select your best three teams to draw three cards. As time goes on, you’ll move to the Starter league Rookie. That is where you can work on becoming a football manager. To partake in a match, you’ll need five players. Just like you want to play five aside in football. So, you have to select a goalkeeper, a striker, a midfielder, a player to hold your defence, and one extra player as a substitute. Please note that free cards can only be used in the Rookie Starter League. There’s a condition to partake in future tournaments. If you want to participate in future games, you must own five rarity cards purchased by Ethereum. You need to follow these instructions. 

How to make money on nft gaming?

I know this is the part you’ve been waiting for. I said earlier that nft gaming is a play-to-earn game. So, please pay attention here. This unique game’s play-to-earn idea places much emphasis on non-fungible token football player cards and weekly tournaments bridging with reality sporting moments. So, if you want to make money, you must partake in several contests. Please ensure that you gather rarity cards as you’re playing those tournaments. Also, it is essential to pick an epic unique rarity. So this unique game play-to-earn idea emphasizes non-fungible toke football playing cards. You can trade those cards to get money.  


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