Play to earn games

With the advent of a new play-to-earn paradigm that makes creating crypto currency easier than ever, playing play to earn games has taken on a whole new dimension. Revolve Games is rethinking how DeFi staking is implemented into blockchain gaming by establishing a Metaverse where players may get rewards depending on their performance.

The current state of play to earn games falls short of reaching their full potential. The NFT scene, on the other hand, requires a token-staking play to earn paradigm in order for players to fully immerse themselves in the metaverse’s immersive gameplay and optimize their abilities and expertise.

Revolve Games’ The Metaverse is the first AAA-quality interplanetary sandbox metaverse in the industry. Players may use their tethered NFT starship to travel around the galaxy, buy land on planets, modify the environment, and develop their own play to earn games. They can use teleportation portal NFTs to travel between designated metaverse destinations instantly. Players may now access an expanded cast of characters, capabilities, and stake options thanks to recent deals with other popular NFT play to earn games like Netvrk.

Play to earn games

Putting a Lot of Money into Innovation

Revolve Games’ team is hard at work amplifying and transcending this into different metaverses and online play to earn games, turning blockchain gaming into new, immersive experiences for people all around the globe to enjoy.

With a novel staking rewards model based on tethered actionable NFTs, Revolve Games is a pioneer in NFT innovation. The team has designed an engrossing Metaverse, filled with a variety of elements that add to the game’s richness and immersion as a play-to-earn experience. Characters, automobiles, and game builder packs are among the NFT assets that players may buy, sell, hold, stake, and trade. The real kicker, however, is still to come! Staking contracts for RPG (the platform’s native currency) are related to many of them.

This means that these NFTs cannot be created or exist unless the user first stakes a sufficient amount of RPG tokens in a staking contract. More RPG tokens will be taken from circulation as the player population grows, increasing the native token’s scarcity and guaranteeing the NFTs’ price stability. As a consequence, players are strongly encouraged to play and level up. Players are rewarded by surpassing their competition via increasing staking multipliers since the staking payouts for each connected staking contract are performance-based.

Players with RPG-tethered NFTs may grind it out against their in-game opponents and earn more money. NFTs will continue to grow in importance and development.

Play to earn games

The new Metaverse from Revolve Games is more than just a digital escape; it’s also a decentralized player-owned economy in which players are equitably compensated for their talents and contributions to the game’s environment.

Revolve Games’ AAA cosmic metaverse is being constructed cross-chain on BSC and Polygon. The metaverse version 1 MVP is set to debut in Q1 2022, and there is a lot of anticipation. But there’s still a lot more to come before then! By November, you’ll be able to create connected NFT assets, and a card game will allow you to battle your NFTs and start leveling up and accumulating staking boosters!

Gaming has progressed from being seen as a frivolous pastime to a real vocation and business. Mobile gaming alone will produce around $90 billion in revenue for the gaming industry by 2020. Gamers may now make a job by participating in competitive esports.

Is it feasible to make money while playing video play to earn games if you aren’t a pro? After all, Play-to-Make games claim that gamers may make money as they play. But, before you get into this gaming craze, there are a few things you should know.

What Are the NFT Earn to Play Games?

Non-fungible Play-to-Earn token Traditional gaming is combined with non-fungible tokens in play to earn games (NFT).

Play to earn games

If you’ve ever played a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) like World of Warcraft, you know that in-game items may be valuable in the real world. People would be eager to pay real money for in-game currency, powerful characters, and unique items.

The in-game assets used by NFTs play to earn games are tokenized and converted into NFTs. This marks them out and allows them to be monitored. These digital things may be obtained or purchased via a number of game methods, including breeding, unlocking, and earning.

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How Can A Play-to-Earn Networked Trading Game Make You Money?

Take, for example, Axie Infinity, the most popular NFT game right now, with $360 million in 30-day sales.

Non-Financial Transactions: Buying and Selling

Axie Infinity is a game similar to Pokemon in which you may breed or buy Axies to fight for rewards. Consider each Axie to be a Pokemon, with the exception that they cannot be caught; instead, they must be bred or acquired from another player/breeder. Each Axie is also an NFT, which implies each Axie is one-of-a-kind. Even if another Axie has the same metrics as yours, the two Axies are different, and their ownership on the blockchain is kept independently.

You may sell your Axie on the marketplace and retain 100% of the income since you own the NFT (your Axie). The game’s creator (Sky Mavis) is not compensated for the sale of NFT. One approach to make money from an NFT game is to trade NFTs (Axies) (Axie Infinity).

#2 Accumulate in-game cash and awards

Smooth Love Potions may be obtained by fighting with your Axies in Adventure Mode (PVE) or the Arena (PVP) (SLP). Smooth Love Potion (SLP) is a kind of in-game currency that may be used to spawn baby Axies. It’s also a cryptocurrency that can be bought and sold on exchanges. The SLP may either be preserved and utilized to make more powerful Axies, or it can be sold for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

Playing the game and earning tokenized in-game rewards is the second way to earn money from Axie Infinity. This isn’t always the case when it comes to play to earn games using NFT. CryptoKitties, for example, is a pure collecting NFT game with no gameplay reward system.