The Genopets NFT Game as a play-to-earn game

Have you heard about the genopets? This unique game is a play-to-earn game. If you don’t want to waste time catching fun alone, you need to know some facts about the genopets game. I have heard several testimonies about this non-fungible token game. The genopets game has been in existence since 2011. Although this play-to earn game is not as popular as Axie Infinity. But I can assure you that if you take some time to learn about how the genopets works, you will enjoy playing it. 

I have been saying play-to-earn games; I hope you understand it. Okay, let us briefly talk about genopets play-to-earn games. That is, what are play-to-earn games?

Play-to-earn games are games that go beyond having fun. These games combined fun and rewards. Just as it sounds, you don’t need any further explanation before you know that these games are games that come with a bonus that can be converted to real cash. 

The only issue here is that one may find it hard to believe that one can play games and earn money. Play-to-earn games are video games that bind cryptocurrency to compensate players with something that has real-world and virtual-world value. Prizes given as part of these games tend to be Non-Fungible Tokens, cryptographically exclusive tokens that can be used to demonstrate ownership of content like images or music. 

The Genopets NFT Game as a play-to-earn game

Do you know why these games are still hidden from the world? People are thinking about how possible it is. Also, people are scared of being scammed. Sincerely, you need to rise and do some research about play-to-earn games. This message is what those who are wallowing in poverty should know. You can engage yourself with something simple yet rewarding. Last year, Axie Infinity blessed many people’s life. 

So, I can say play-to-earn games are games that come with a massive reward. Someone said play-to-earn games were introduced or designed to eradicate poverty and compensate people playing these video games. You can’t play any of these play-to-earn games without putting in some skills. So, the mental strength you put into these games needs to be rewarded.  

With that said, I implore you to pay attention to what I will reveal here about the genopets.

What is the genopets game? 

The genopets is a computer-generated world where players can create, own and monetize their gaming experiences. Players can monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain. This unique game is known for its two smash mobile hits. In 2011, the genopets game had one of its mobile smash hits, while the genopets evolution occurred in 2016. With these two hits, the genopets generated over forty million downloads on mobile phones. Let me take you through more history of the genopets . In 2018, Pixowl decided to bring this unique play-to-learn game to mobile phone users. So, one can successfully play this fantastic game on a mobile phone. That’s an advantage. Not all play-to-earn video games can be played on mobile phones, especially Android phones. The objective is to interrupt existing game makers like Minecraft and Roblox by providing builders with the proprietorship of their creations as NFTs and rewarding them for their contribution to the ecosystem. 

A user-generated ecosystem

This unique game’s blockchain platform consists of three united products. These three combined products work together to provide a comprehensive experience for user-generated content production. Also, these combined product allows players to secure copyright proprietorship for their user-formed content via blockchain and smart contracts. 

The Genopets NFT Game as a play-to-earn game

The genopets’s non-fungible token marketplace

The genopets non-fungible token marketplace allows players to upload, publish and trade their non-fungible token creation with VoxEdit. The VoxEdit is a powerful 3D voxel modelling and non-fungible token creation package for PC/Mac that allows players to build and animate 3D objects like animals, vehicles and even humans. Not only that, but VoxEdit also enable users to create things like tools, items and foliage.

Creations are mainly uploaded into an IPFS network to offer dispersed storage and then recorded onto the blockchain to prove proprietorship. Once this is accomplished, designs become resources that can be sold by making an original sale offer on the marketplace where possible buyers can then obtain or buy them.

The genopets game maker

This play-to-earn game maker allows people to create or build fantastic 3D games for free. If you want to play this game, you’re a creator. So, as a creator, you must contribute to the vast metaverse occupied with a wide range of fantastic interactive creations and involvement. 

Other facts about the genopets video game

This play-to-earn game uses many tokes to ensure a rounded economy between all the types of players who will interact using the platform. However, what are other things you should take note of?

It is expedient for you to know that one must take some time to read the game’s rules as you know that no play-to-earn game comes without its unique rule. If you want to be rewarded after playing this game, there are rules and regulations. This does not apply to the genopets game alone. Even Axie Infinity, which people see as the best play-to-earn game today, one will fail if one does not know how the game works. One of the ways to be rewarded after playing genopets is to compete according to the laid down rules. I have seen some write-ups about the Sandbox as though it’s unreal. Those complaining about the genopets are those who did not run it as it is required of them. So, my candid advice for you is to do research on this game before you start playing it carefully. I can assure you that you are good to go once you know some steps to take. 

On a final note

Now that you’re with the correct information. No one should motivate you on doing the needful. If you invest your time and energy into this play-to-earn game, you will surely get those things invested in multiple folds. Finally, while reading this article, a question or a contribution might come to your mind. Please kindly drop your inquiry or contribution in the comment box. 

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